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School & College Shootings In Boston
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If you are a school or college looking to implement effective policies and procedures to deal with active shooters & killers on your campus/educational facilities, we can help train your staff (and your students), on how to respond to a rampage/spree killing incident.

Workplace Violence

Active Shooter Incidents & Workplace Violence
Dealing With Workplace Violence

Keeping employees safe from violence in the workplace (including active shooter incidents) is the responsibility of every business and enterprise. We can provide both training and consultancy services to help you fulfill this obligation to the members of your organization.


Active Shooter Incidents Involving Terrorist Threats & Hate Crimes
Hate Crimes & Terrorist Threats

Active Shooter incidents may occur as part of a hate crime that targets a specific group based on their sexual orientation or religous beliefs. Knowing how to effectively respond when such a situation occurs is key for the survival of them members of your group.

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Welcome to Active Shooter Boston, Providing Training & Solutions To Rampage & Spree Killing Incidents

Most rampage and spree killing incidents whether at educational institutions, work or public places usually end within 5 minutes – several minutes before law enforcement or security arrive on the scene. This means that those caught up in the incident must act as first responders to ensure their own (and everyone else’s) survival. Knowing what to do and how to respond decisively to such incidents is essential; whether that involves evacuating the environment, barricading it to prevent access, or tackling and countering the assailant etc. Our training provides both the knowledge and the skills to implement effective tactics and strategies to help unarmed individuals improve their survival chances should they find themselves having to deal with an active killer – whether armed with a knife and/or a long/short barreled weapon.

Rampage and spree killings can happen anywhere from churches/religious institutions, schools and colleges, to workplaces and public spaces, such as restaurants and shopping malls. Such incidents that target groups, rather than individuals, are hard to predict and prevent, and so having plans, procedures and strategies in place to deal with such situations are essential – the faster you can “catch up” to what is happening the greater your chances of survival.

Our training comes from Israel and the US, and combines the most effective and proven strategies for dealing with active killers. Rather than just inform you of a strategy, such as evacuating a building an active shooter is in, we train you how to do this effectively e.g. the differences between primary and secondary exits, how to safely check your environment etc. We teach you how to make effective decisions when under stress and duress, along with how to manage fear and adrenaline. After taking one of our seminars, training programs or courses you will be better equipped to deal with such incidents and have clear plans and strategies that you will be able to enact both for yourself and on behalf of others.

We offer both physical and non-physical training options, along with role play and scenario based training. Whether you are a school/college, a business or enterprise, a religious organization or simply a concerned citizen we have training options that can meet your needs. Our training is research based, and non-sensational in its presentation. If you are looking not just to know what to do, but how to do it, when confronted with a rampage or spree killer, we are uniquely placed to fulfill your requirements.

Our program is designed and run by Gershon Ben Keren, a 5th Degree Black Belt in Krav Maga (the Israeli Military’s system of hand-to-hand combat) and security professional – to read more about him, please click here. We are based in Boston, Massachusetts, where we have a 16 000 sq ft training facility dedicated to training people in tactical survival, to learn more of what we do, and other training options and services please click here. If you would like to contact us with any questions or requirements you may have please click here.

Statistics & Analysis Around Active Shooter Incidents

It is easy to get caught up in the media reports of a particular active shooter incident and believe that it is representative of most rampage/spree killings. Therefore, it is worth looking at some of the statistics around active shooter and rampage killings to get a better appreciation of the phenomena and what a typical incident looks like e.g. the types of places and locations that get chosen, the duration of most incidents, the numbers wounded and killed etc.

Active shooters represent a sub-type of rampage killers i.e. those that choose to use firearms against their victims/targets. A rampage killer, may choose to use a knife rather than a gun to accomplish their goals; indiscriminately killing as many people as they can without any cooling off period (a serial killer for example has periods of time between killing each victim). A spree killing, is a rampage killing that occurs over several different locations.

Active Shooter Incidents Are Becoming More Common

Although there have been some anomalies, active shooter incidents, seem to be coming a more common affair, with an increase year on year since 2000. If you look at the data prior to 2000, such events were much more sporadic and less common. There are many speculations as to why this is the case (public opinions vary, and are shown in the graph below), ranging from video games to an increase in the number of firearms in society etc. One thing that we are aware of, is that many active shootings and rampage killings, are copycat crimes, that aim to replicate a specific incident, which made the news; one of the things which many killers crave is notoriety, and when they see the media pay attention to a rampage killing they become motivated to kill more victims and become more notorious than the original killer.

Active Shooter Incidents Happen Everywhere

We may believe that active shooter incidents are restricted to, or are most likely to, occur in educational institutions however the statistics regarding the locations where active shooter incidents occur tells a very different story. Although educational facilities (schools and colleges) are not the most common locations for such incidents, due to the density of people in them, the number of wounded and fatalities is higher than in workplaces, residences and health care facilities etc. In truth, active shooter incidents can occur anywhere, and although you are more likely to be the victim of a mugging (a relatively low consequence rime), the consequences of a being involved in a rampage killing spree, are much, much higher.

Perpetrators Are White Men With Legal Firearms

Despite some of the media’s attempts to paint active shooter incidents, as being committed by overseas terrorists (in 2013 a Gallup poll showed that 56% of people interviewed believed that extremist viewpoints on the internet were responsible for recent mass shootings), most incidents are committed by white males, with legally purchased and owned firearms (85% of active shooter incidents involved legally owned weapons). These tend to be younger males – under 25 – where shootings/killings took place in educational facilities, whereas workplace incidents typically involved males in their late 30’s and above.

Short Barrel Weapons Vs Long Barrel Weapons

When we think about active shooter incidents are thoughts tend to be drawn to the most emotional and frightening ones; those where the assailants are equipped with rifles and assault weapons. Whilst long barrel weapons are used handguns, such as semi-automatic pistols and revolvers are much more common. This is down to both accessibility and concealability; it is much easier to smuggle a handgun into a workplace or college/school cafeteria, than a rifle or shotgun. Where long barrel weapons have been used most shooters have carried a pistol or revolver with them as well. Having an accurate picture of what an active shooter incident looks like, can help us prepare and respond to the threat in a more reasoned fashion rather than simply having an emotional reaction to such dangers.

Services & Training Around Active Shooters & Active Killers

Our active shooter training programs, include lectures and presentations, as well as scenario-based training, involving both trained (those who have completed one of our short and long barrel control and disarming courses, or have prior experience in this area) and untrained individuals.

Many active shooter programs and courses will tell you what to do in the event of such an incident, however we are uniquely placed to teach you how to do these things e.g. there are ways to run, and not run, ways to hide and barricade, along with effective and ineffective ways to physically engage with a shooter etc. Strategies, need tactics, and we have the experience in teaching proven methods for tactical survival in such situations.

If you are interested in putting on a seminar, course or presentation for your group, school/college, organization or institution please fill out the form below with your requirements, and a representative will get back to you detailing the best and most effective way that we can meet your needs.

If you are an individual, looking for information on private training, or public seminars and classes, please use our contact form, which can be accessed by clicking here


Krav Maga Yashir Boston
Charlestown, MA

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Krav Maga Yashir Boston
Charlestown Maritime Ctr (3 FL)
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Tel: (339) 224-8005

Our Active Shooter Courses & Training are run at our 16000 sq ft training facility in Boston, Massachusetts. We train scenarios, using inert weapons, and airsoft pistols/guns to replicate scenarios. We also provide on site training at schools, educational facilities, places of worship and workplaces etc. If you are interested in seminars, courses and on-going training either at our location or yours, please contact us by click here.

Free Active Shooter Video
With Gershon Ben Keren

This is a short 10 minute video looking at some simple ways to actively counter, an active shooter should you find yourself dealing with such an incident. The solutions presented are deliberately simple and straightforward, and ones that can easily be learned and applied from watching a video. Some straightforward solutions are also put forward as to how to increase your survival chances. The solutions described in this video, make up a very small and specific part of countering and dealing with active shooter incidents, and should not be taken as a comprehensive approach to dealing with such killers. To watch this free 10 minute video, please click here.

Krav Maga Yashir Books
By Gershon Ben Keren

"Krav Maga - Real World Solutions To Real World Violence" is an Amazon Best Seller, which provides an honest and unfiltered look into how real-life attacks and assaults occurs, and how to identify, avoid, predict and prevent them, or as a last resort physically deal with them. Techniques were filmed, in the locations where such attacks are likely to be committed rather than in a gym or studio. The techniques demonstrated were all filmed in real-time, so none of the photographs were staged as stills. To read more and see sample chapters please click here.

"Krav Maga: Tactical Survival" looks at a variety of different scenarios to those presented in, "Real World Solutions To Real World Violence", as well as variations that an attacker can make to change the solution required. Although a follow up book, and already an Amazon Bestseller, it stands alone as a distinct work looking at particular forms and types of violence. To read more, and view sample chapters please click here.

Krav Maga Google Talk
Gershon Ben Keren

Google invited Gershon Ben Keren in 2015 to speak at one of their Google Talks in Boston (other speakers at this event included President Barak Obama, and author Salman Rushdie). To see the talk please click here

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