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Evacuation Plans For School Shootings In Boston There are many people who believe that the only way an active shooter incident can be ended or prevented is by another person with a gun. However, certain school and college incidents (along with others in different locations) have shown that this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, simply listening to your intuition, can be the difference between surviving and not – in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, a 5-year old student, having recognized that the shooting had stopped (the gunman was reloading), and that this signaled an escape opportunity, lead 5 of his classmates to safety. He didn’t know why the shooting had stopped, but he recognized that it signaled an opportunity. It didn’t take another gunman to save him, just an ability to take charge and a trust in his instincts. In the Virginia Tech Massacre of 2007, students in a classroom realized that if they barricaded their room, and made it difficult for the shooter (Seung-Hui Cho) to enter, then he’d probably leave to look for more available targets – Active Shooters want the highest body count, and can be competitive about this, trying to out-do previous killers.

Our training formalizes many of the strategies and tactics that have been proven to work in actual incidents e.g. we teach evacuation (Sandy Hook) and barricading (Virginia Tech) etc. We also teach people how and when to counter and attack – there have been several occasions in which students have tackled the shooter as he reloaded, as well as occasions when students have recognized this as an opportunity to evacuate. Having a range of strategies to draw on, and knowing when and how to implement them, allows individuals to increase their survival chances during school and college shooting incidents. We can provide training on all aspects of active shooter tactical survival, from simple evacuation and barricading tactics, to physically countering a shooter, whether as an individual or part of a group – we can also show ways in which the success rate of physically countering a gunman can be increased.

All of our Active Shooter training for schools and colleges is presented in a non-sensational manner and is designed to inform and empower, rather than intimidate and cause fear/panic. All of our training packages/offerings are tailored to meet you and your institution’s needs, and are delivered in an age-appropriate manner. If you are interested in any aspect of the training we offer, please fill out the form below, and a representative will get back to you to discuss the most effective way that we can meet your training requirements, whether that is lectures/presentations, scenario-based training, etc.

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Our Active Shooter Courses & Training are run at our 16000 sq ft training facility in Boston, Massachusetts. We train scenarios, using inert weapons, and airsoft pistols/guns to replicate scenarios. We also provide on site training at schools, educational facilities, places of worship and workplaces etc. If you are interested in seminars, courses and on-going training either at our location or yours, please contact us by click here.

Free Active Shooter Video
With Gershon Ben Keren

This is a short 10 minute video looking at some simple ways to actively counter, an active shooter should you find yourself dealing with such an incident. The solutions presented are deliberately simple and straightforward, and ones that can easily be learned and applied from watching a video. Some straightforward solutions are also put forward as to how to increase your survival chances. The solutions described in this video, make up a very small and specific part of countering and dealing with active shooter incidents, and should not be taken as a comprehensive approach to dealing with such killers. To watch this free 10 minute video, please click here.

Krav Maga Yashir Books
By Gershon Ben Keren

"Krav Maga - Real World Solutions To Real World Violence" is an Amazon Best Seller, which provides an honest and unfiltered look into how real-life attacks and assaults occurs, and how to identify, avoid, predict and prevent them, or as a last resort physically deal with them. Techniques were filmed, in the locations where such attacks are likely to be committed rather than in a gym or studio. The techniques demonstrated were all filmed in real-time, so none of the photographs were staged as stills. To read more and see sample chapters please click here.

"Krav Maga: Tactical Survival" looks at a variety of different scenarios to those presented in, "Real World Solutions To Real World Violence", as well as variations that an attacker can make to change the solution required. Although a follow up book, and already an Amazon Bestseller, it stands alone as a distinct work looking at particular forms and types of violence. To read more, and view sample chapters please click here.

Krav Maga Google Talk
Gershon Ben Keren

Google invited Gershon Ben Keren in 2015 to speak at one of their Google Talks in Boston (other speakers at this event included President Barak Obama, and author Salman Rushdie). To see the talk please click here

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